Friday, January 11, 2013


With these 2 hearts in my arms, mine is full
As peaceful sleep warms, they melt into me....intentionally
Their tiny hands smoothing away the rough edges of my day

Today....Right Now....I am thankful for Aalyric falling asleep in my lap as I post :}

Last night I went to sleep with my heart heavy, after reading on Facebook that a friend of a friend lost their 2 year old son. I don't know if selfish is the word I would use for how I felt as I held my own two girls last night, cherishing their little breaths as they fell asleep. Maybe unworthy is a better description....I don't know....I just felt so blessed to have them another day, and then so sad at the same time for this family. None of us knows why these terrible accidents happen, they just do. Bad things happen to good people, and innocent children.... and it's not fair. What I do know though, is that if there was any way I could have done something to help save this child's life, I would have.

There is nothing I could have done to prevent this accident, but there are things I can do to help prevent a future heartache for another parent. If you don't know anything about diabetes, then educate yourself, it is a scary disease and even more so for a child that can't recognize yet when their body is shutting down. Having a DAD, could save Jax's life. Not to mention the peace of mind it would give to his family.

So today has just disappointed me a little.....don't get me wrong, I am spectacularly excited to be alive, and have had a great day so far, and am fully expecting it to continue it that fashion...or grander :}
I don't know about might just be me, but when I invest in something, I fully expect to get the desired results. When I buy a lottery ticket...I fully expect to walk out of the store a millionaire, even if it's only a scratch off ticket. Maybe it's the Scorpio in me that makes me feel like the universe is required to listen when I give something my full attention....and intention! So I fully EXPECTED for yesterday's post to go viral and 3000 people to have donated a buck to help Jax get his DAD....mission accomplished! That has yet to happen, but I will continue to expect that every day.... until it does happen! That's just how I roll with most things in life :}  

Some things have just got me wondering though....Why do we wait for the bad things to happen, to come together? If you knew that you could be a hero, that you could help save someone's life...wouldn't you choose to? The way that I heard about this tragedy, was through a call for prayer for this family, from a friend of a friend. Right there in that moment, myself and I'm sure others that saw the post, opened their hearts and said a prayer for this family that they didn't even know. People took the time out to invest in someone else, without receiving anything in return but their own peace of mind that they had helped in some small way. What a magical and moving thing....and I hope that it helps to strengthen this family through their heartache.

We all have the chance to be a hero right now. Please visit Jax's page...Diabetic Alert Dog for Jax on Facebook. Like it, share it, go directly to to donate your buck and get the ball rolling. This is our chance to come together now and put our hands on a situation that can be changed for the better and help protect a young man's life.

My hopes are that this has inspired you...if not for my cause, then for whatever you are passionate about, that can make the world a better place. Go hug your babies! No matter how grown they think they are :} Cherish the day, no matter how much it has rained on you, because God chose to give it to YOU....and he didn't have to.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Returning Life's Favors

Wow...I can't believe September was the last time I blogged! Jeesh, further proof that I am in fact...a procrastinator :{  Dang the truth hurts sometimes! Any way....I am back with renewed spirit, and the freshness of the new year and this new cycle, has inspired deep contemplation in me and what it is I am supposed to be doing in this crazy world.

2012 started off with a BANG!!...or I guess more like a POOF!! And it's been a ride ever since. Seriously though, if you can consider any house fire being a blessing....that one was, and I know it was Grano watching over us here, that allowed Davynn to arrive safely. That being said, I do really miss my house and my dance studio and my extra, extra, extra large bedroom.....and central heating and air! So it's time to grab this new year by the horns and change the scenery once again, only this time on purpose and way less emergently!

So a few things recently and in the last few years, is inspiring me beyond my usual random acts of do more and on a much larger scale. For Christmas my sister gave me the TOM's story book by Blake Mycoskie "Start Something That Matters," and I have been reading a little bit of it each day. I have to say that until now, I wasn't much of a TOM's fan. I like them on other people, but just didn't consider them fashion for myself. After reading Blake's story though, I really want to get a pair just to help support the cause and say thank you for the great work he is doing. That's the kind of person I want to be when I grow up!

More than anything else, I think I have been most inspired by Aalyric's recovery due to someone's random act of kindness, donating their blood. 90% of the blood in her body once belonged to someone else, who probably has no idea how much they changed someone else's life. I will always wish for the chance to be able to thank them for saving my baby girl's life and I often wonder at random times passing someone in the grocery or at the coffee machine at work, if the person next to me could be that person. And I think it will always make my eyes tear up, when I hear of someone close to us donating blood in honor of my girls :}

These random acts we perform in every day life, is what I feel is needed to make a change in the world. I hope to take one small step myself and I hope to inspire you to do the same, in even the smallest of ways. If we all walk the path, we will BEAT it down to a road!! Hehehe...if you are one of my dance students reading this right now, you are groaning at that reference! lol

Unfortunately, it is a more recent heartache for me, that connected me to this particular cause and inspired this post. On Thanksgiving Day I lost my sweet pup Swayze :{ He was a great friend and I know that if he ever had the chance to, he would have saved my life. So in honor of Sway and in the spirit of paying life forward, supporting other great people and causes, and making the world a little better by being the best person I can be today, I am donating 10% of my eBay profits this month to help provide a Diabetic Alert Dog for Jax. I am in high hopes that through writing this post and helping someone else, it will help to ease my sadness a bit for the loss of my furry friend. He was a cool dog...and the only one I ever let sleep in the bed!

I am so excited to help out with this cause that will hopefully provide a lifesaving friend for Jax. They have already raised 1/3 of the money needed, but still need about $3000. I just keep thinking that if the fake lottery winner guy can go viral and get a million votes on facebook....then why not us? If 3000 people shared and donated a buck we would be there...if 6000 people shared and donated 50 cents we would be there...I could go on but you get the idea! So please like and share Diabetic Alert Dog for Jax on Facebook, go directly to and search Jax Youngblood to directly donate, or shop with me on eBay @ goodfootadventures!

Our children are our most precious gifts and with the events of the last few weeks, I am feeling more and more blessed for the days that I get to enjoy mine. So go hug your babies and tell the ones you love how special they are. We are all blessed to have this day! Take the time to enjoy it and remember to pay life forward, any way you never know when you will need it to return the favor!