Friday, February 1, 2013

While They Sleep

Well, I figured the above title was appropriate because that is the only reason I am able to write this now. I probably should be doing something money making, but I felt the need to bare my soul here we are :}

I'm not gonna lie...this week has been rough. I feel guilty saying that cuz most of what had me down was other people's heartaches, but it beat me up none the less. And sleep deprivation isn't helping! I'm just ready for a new week, with new frustrations I'm sure, but at least they will be different ones.

In spite of the general yuckiness of the week, I did manage to accomplish a few things and now just need to follow up on making them profitable, and not just cuz I felt like it  :}  On the real tho, I sometimes think mendhi (henna) keeps me sane! It's my version of yoga breathing :} Very soul cleansing! 

Any way....Aalyric is happy I finally finished her other shoe and she could wear them today. It made me smile that she was excited about putting them on this morning. And made me forgive her a little more for dumping the whole container of white paint down the side of the red couch...that doesn't belong to us! It did come out...and I probably would have just spent that hour on Pinterest any way, but it was annoying none the less.

They turned out pretty cute, but I think the next pair, I will only do one coat. I kinda liked them better when they were a little faded looking....still cute though :}

I also managed to get a few pair of tie earrings cranked out. They may make it to the store or Etsy, if Dajha's friends don't claim them first. Apparantly the ones I made for her are being coveted at her high maybe that's how I will make my millions??

The demand will be so great, all my friends can quit their jobs and we can hang out all day making them, playing with our kids and doing yoga....that would be nice :} I could single handedly redefine the meaning of sweatshop...hehehehe...I can dream :}

Soooooo.....coming soon to somewhere!!???

Upcycled Vintage Tie Earrings

And last, but not least.....HENNA POT RAFFLE!! To benefit Diabetic Alert Dog 4 Jax :}  I seriously will not stop bombarding the world until Jax gets his dog! A litter of puppies was born last week, who could potentially be his life saving we just have to do our part, and a small part that is.

So if you think these are cool and you would like one of your very own, it's pretty simple. Visit my page, Livingbliss on Facebook and Like me :}  Read and share the associated raffle post and donate at least $1 to  Every dollar you donate gets you another chance to win one of these lovelies, handpainted by me :}

February 2nd is the last day to enter!!

So that's what I've been up to. Rolling with the punches and trying to make sense of this crazy world. This week has been 2 steps back on that...but there's always next week....or so I hope!