Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Crossfit or Die

Sooooooo....in a few hours I will be participating in my first Crossfit session. I have to say, from the internet trolling I've done, I am more than mildly nervous...lol. My intentions were to start yesterday, but my favorite Zumba teacher subbed a class and I opted out for that instead, since I was going to miss it today. If only everything were as fun as Zumba :} Or bellydance :} The last 6 weeks of bootcamp has really shown me how much bellydance has babied my body over the last few years. All that jumping and running on concrete has not made my joints happy :{  But flipping the big monster truck tire did make me feel like a superhero!

All of this in preparation, as Thursday marks the 1 month countdown to the Marine Mud Challenge.  I'm hoping the next 3 weeks of Crossfit will crank my fitness up another notch and hopefully drop this last 8.2 lbs off! Or at least replace the leftover baby fat with some much needed muscle. Running has made my legs skinny :{ 

They say there is strength in numbers, but unfortunately I couldn't seem to recruit any friends to torture myself with, so I'm going in solo and will hopefully find some new friends :} To those of you unrecruited "friends" who are reading this...you suck and you're all a bunch of pansies, but I still love you :}

So, wish me luck. I am desperately grasping to the far away memories of when I used to live for throw up leg days. That seems like a longgggggg time ago....wait, it was a long time ago. Dang, if I could go back, I would definitely appreciate my 25 year old body wayyyyyyy more! So here goes nothing. I will post later about my first session....if I can still lift my arms to type :}

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