Sunday, September 23, 2012

Getting Good @ 2 under 2 :}

So, pretty excited for myself :}  Those close to me know that I am habitually at least 5 minutes late to everything....even my own party or parties as the case may be. I try, really I just doesn't happen. Well, let me take responsibility for that...I just don't MAKE it happen...I guess. 

So I don't know if it's just that now that I have 2 under 2, I have learned that however much time I think it will take for me to get ready to leave the house....I should times by 3 and then add 10 more minutes. My that it's my newly adopted death to procrastination mentality, that's responsible. Either way, I managed to cook all the food and bake 48 cupcakes for the Toaster Strudel's Debut Party....get this....THE NIGHT BEFORE!! You really don't know how proud you all should be of me :} I am still pretty proud of myself....hehehehe :}

I do confess however, that I still ended up down to the wire, decorating these super cute owl cupcakes. But I was still on time to the party and actually beat all the guests there :} And they were well worth the effort....tasty too!  Cupcakes and guests that

Unfortunately, out of the hundreds of things I have pinned on Pinterest....this is the only one I have actually cooked or crafted....shame on me. I promise to do better...pinkie swear! 

On a roll from yesterday, I actually managed to photograph and list some things on eBay, which is a daily goal I really need to make a priority. The house is just too small for all this stuff and it's really disgusting every month when I pay the $65 to store things that I can't even remember I own! The fire really prioritized things....literally....just things. And plus, if I'm going to swing this staying at home with the kids thing, I have got to make it happen. So today I feel like I nailed a few more boards onto this house I have in my head...the one my kids will one day call home. Until's one board at a time :}  Wish me luck!!

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