Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Procrastinator No More.....Well at least not today any way :}

So I'm proud to say I accomplished quite a bit today and yesterday....patting myself on the back as we speak :}  In between feeding little people and putting them to sleep....note to self - in order to end this vicious cycle, you must somehow try to coordinate them doing these things at the same time. 
Once I conquered stupid Microsoft Word, things got tagged pretty quick and progress was made. I didn't get to do any crafting like I planned, but I did get the last coat of sealer on the latest batch of Henna Pots, which is an accomplishment, considering I painted them 3 months ago. What can I say.....I was busy having a baby!! An early one at that, so I'm not beating myself up too bad.
 Plus, I am really attached to this color combo of Papaya & Turquoise....deliciousness!! They were really hard to part with, but I know they will go to good homes, where someone with a green thumb will plant something in them, instead of like me and use them as pencil holders :}

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